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try to run
never learned to walk at all
chaotic trouble maker
i'm a mess
confused by the world
confusing others
get hurted
poisened by fear
still try to laugh
right back
at that bitch
called world


it's all mine
it's all me
nothing faked
nothing to hide
this is me
this is my life
as pure as it can be
all i'm asking is
can you love
what you see?

dedicated to a close friend ~ where ever you are ~ i'll never forget you

i've mourned my own dead
as they told me that
i have to go
i've cried a river
tears of joy through my life
i've fought my fears
i've tasted your tears
i've done so many things
in my time here
but that was not enough
i've the feeling that
i've missed so much
promise me not to cry
promise me to laugh
promise me to go on
promise me to stay true
don't give up i still belive in you
and promise me too
to make your dreams come true


lets hunt them down
eat them alive, raw flesh,
smell the sweat and fear
taste the blood of guilty
salty tears and screams
hear the crys begging for
an end, torture the victims
a single scream in the dark
ripped out of that dream
was that really me?


all the nasty things i've said and done
i'm tired of being the one that they want me to be
i'm not strong, not lovely, not kind
i want to be the person behind
behind all my behavior ~ who am i?
it's just me and my damn confuse mind
can't think in one direction
i need space and peace to breathe
need you to look behind the scenery
know me better than i do know myself
i'll pay every price just to have a look behind

säumten dunkle wolken
getränkt von unvergossenen tränen
den himmel
der in deinen augen lag

stahl ich den regen
damit ich das lachen
dahinter wieder sah

stemmte mich gegen den sturm
deiner wut und furcht
ließ nicht ab
doch setze meine segel
immer wieder

kehrte zurück
getragen von sanften wogen
zurück zu meiner insel
zu dir
zu mir
zu uns

I have

I've been helpless
confused, lost direction
as you decided to ignore

I've been crying
hoping, praying
in the end knowing
that's for sure

I've been reading
searching in those
pictures of you
for the soul of yours

I've been finding many
and even pieces of you
but you're hard to catch
I've decided to let go

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